Meet the Singers

Ben “Brunch” Pollack
President  |  Marketing and Business Analytics  |  Bass

Brunch is the most important meal of the day. Child to Breakfast and Lunch, Brunch Pollack has been a bass ever since he reached adulthood at the ripe age of 17. Now the President of NTS, Brunch has grown from a small plate of eggs and toast to an IHOP Country Fried Steak and Eggs meal. If you ever see Brunch around town, be sure to say hi and ask for some tips on making scrambled eggs. He also is an intern for the #UNHSocial media team and is the host for a podcast series called “PodCats”. Be sure to turn your bass all the way up when listening to Not Too Sharp in your car for the optimal Brunch experience.


Matt Derrick
Music Director  |  Marine Biology  |  Tenor 3

Matt Derrick has traveled across the country from sunny Los Angeles just to be in Not Too Sharp! He is currently a Marine, Estuarine, and Freshwater Biology major and is your go-to person for any and all fish facts. When he’s not singing, you can catch him doing one of two hobbies: photography or napping. P.S… never wake a sleeping Piff.


Ryan Anastasi
Vocalist  |  Finance and ISBA  |  Baritone

Ryan’s love for singing started all the way back in kindergarten, and he has continued to sing ever since. He has participated in numerous choral festivals including All New England, NH All State, and All Eastern ACDA. In addition, Ryan enjoys hiking, biking, swimming, and enjoying the great outdoors. In high school, he was honored to serve as President of the BHS Theatre Company and act in a dozen productions. Some of his past show credits include Rusty Charlie in Guys & Dolls, Emmett Forrest in Legally Blonde, The Steward in Into the Woods, and Juror #8 in 12 Angry Men. Ryan is very glad to be able to pursue his passion for singing and performance in Not Too Sharp!


Gus Muscato
Business Manager  |  French and German Major  |  Baritone

Gus hails from the great state of Massachusetts; Bridgewater to be exact! He is studying French and German at UNH, and he loves languages! He hopes to learn as many languages as possible to attain his goal of being trilingual! He loves being a part of this group, and looks forward to the many great experiences that lie ahead!


Jeremiah Friedman
Vice President  |  Biochemistry  |  Baritone/Vocal Percussion

Jeremiah has been singing along since before he developed object permanence, and to this day he still doesn’t know where his passion for music came from. Hailing from the untamed wilderness of Amherst, Massachusetts, he developed his voice by taking part in school choruses and all-state festivals.  From his middle school auditorium to Symphony Hall to the Strafford Room, Jeremiah loves to make music that brings joy to people, no matter the setting. Throughout high school, Jeremiah also dabbled in ultimate frisbee and theatre, playing such roles as cutter #3 on the field and Sailor #1 in Anything Goes. On a typical summer day, you’ll find him biking around or thrifting for another graphic tee. Singing has brought many amazing experiences for Jeremiah, and he is enthusiastic about his future alongside the guys of Not Too Sharp!


Nate Sullivan
Assistant Music Director  |  Psychology  |  Tenor 3

Nate is a sophomore Psychology major at UNH, and one of the newest members of Not Too Sharp. In his sophomore year at Chelmsford High, he discovered his affinity for music. Quickly teaching himself guitar, music became a growing part of his life. In his junior year, he was talked into auditioning for the new a cappella group at CHS, The Thursdays. Nate joined the group as a Bass, and soon realized he was more of a Baritone, and eventually more of a Tenor. He can also do some half-decent mouth drums. After joining The Thursdays, he quickly developed an interest in theatre, garnering his first role as an understudy to the male lead in The Robber Bridegroom, and Rapunzel’s Prince in Into the Woods. In his Senior year as a member of The Thursdays, his group made the climb to the 2017 ICHSA Finals in NYC, and were amongst the top ten high school groups in the nation. Nate joined NTS in September 2017, and is glad to be continuing his a cappella career at UNH.


Zach Hertrich
Vocalist  |  Music Education  |  Bass

Zach is a sophomore procrastination major who takes pride in not sending in his bio. Here you go Zach.


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