Music Director | Tenor 2

One day when Jim was a young boy, he was being bullied by some bigger kids because of his weird-looking leg braces and slightly-below-average intelligence level. Jim saw no way out of the situation, even despite the advice being yelled at him to “Run, Jim. Run!” That’s when it hit him. He could think of only one way to make the bullies stop bullying him…. song. Jim began to sing, even without any musical instruments to accompany him, it was so glorious that his leg braces broke free. He felt a wave of relief come over him as the bullies stopped making fun of him. Singing was the answer… until they started laughing at Jim and began to beat him even harder than before. They kept screaming, “Stupid sings as stupid does.” It didn’t make sense to Jim either. But depsite being mocked and ridiculed, Jim kept singing wiith no “real music” to accomany him.

In high school, Jim learned that this glorious phenomenon was called “A Cappella Music.” He learned more and amore about it and was able to sing his way to a football scholarship. After singing so well for the football team, Jim was able sing his way to the White House (where he met President John F. Kennedy). But that’s when Jim finally arrived at the pinnacle of his a cappella career… Not Too Sharp. How lucky it was to find 9 other guys that also sang without instruments. Singing with Not Too Sharp made him realize that a cappella music is truly his passion. The beauty of these voices coming together is something that no other musical group could accomplish. Jim hopes to keep creating a cappella music for the rest of his life, but he also hopes to own a shrimping boat and mow lawns for free on the side, because those are legitimate jobs. Just goes to show you, life is like a box of a cappella. You never know what you’re going to sing.